Why should a school have an ISP?

Having an ISP in place increases enrollment, diversity, international prestige, revenue, and allows for future international alumni base. It also creates a network around the world for the students and community while providing a global outlook in classrooms that may have previously been a mono-culture.

Why choose the service of GlobalEyes?

GlobalEyes is the only product of its kind on the market. With 20 plus years in the international education sector, we have the experience to run a successful international student program. We have a wide range of contacts in over 50 countries and working with our team creates instant recognition in the crowded market of international education. GlobalEyes has proven success in program development and recruitment in both the public and private sectors. Working with GlobalEyes will position your institution for positive future growth.

How can our school/agency be part of the GlobalEyes Network?

We are happy you asked this question. It starts off with a conversation to see where your school/institution currently is with ISP development. From there we will work with you every step of the way by customizing a training package specific to your needs.

What is the cost of each package?

It’s best to book a meeting with our GlobalEyes team and we will be sure to go over the costs associated with each package.

How long is training?

Initial training is 2-3 days but there will be follow up and further training and activities based on the package you purchase.

What does the GlobalEyes training include?

Training includes all aspects of developing, managing, marketing, and growing an ISP. Depending on which GlobalEyes service you purchase, training could also include overseas travel and marketing training, agent network development, and optimizing your international program development to the benefit of your institution.

Basic training includes modules on marketing, recruitment, admissions, program operations, finance, administration, homestay program development, and management. GlobalEyes will train you on how to operate a successful ISP. This includes both training on how to work with the world outside your country and how to prepare your school or school district on how to host the world.

Many programs make the mistake of recruiting students before they are prepared to receive them for a positive experience. GlobalEyes helps you be ready to make sure your first students have the experience they are looking for so they bring the future growth you are hoping to achieve.

What if our school currently has international students but no program in place?

This is the situation for most schools and school boards. We will work with you to take you from where you are now to where you want to go so that you can grow globally and open your door to more students. Wherever you currently are with your ISP development, we can help!

Will our institution need to hire staff to run a program?

Yes, you will need to hire staff to manage the growth your school/institution will experience. Initial staffing expectations will be low and will be kept to the level where you are at each stage of development.

How quickly can I expect my student numbers to grow?

Like any new initiative, growth expectations should be kept low for the initial few years. Establishing a successful ISP is a 3-5 year process, at best. The rate of growth can be impacted by your other goals. (i.e. which is a higher priority, diversity or student numbers?)

How important is a "balanced recruitment portfolio"?

Many schools make the mistake of only picking the “low hanging fruit”. This can make initial recruitment increase more quickly, but in the long run it can be something that impedes growth. The proven GlobalEyes “balanced recruitment portfolio” methodology will set you up for long term success.

Will travel be required of my school/school board?

Travel is an essential component of ISP success. This does not mean travel is the first thing that should happen. Much can be done to prepare for a successful ISP before any travel should occur. Once you are ready to travel, GlobalEyes can help you make those first forays into the international student market a positive and productive experience.

Will working with GlobalEyes affect my school/school board's autonomy?

Your individual autonomy, branding, identity is key for long term success in the international market. GlobalEyes will help you build your brand while making you part of a greater network. International education is a crowded field. Cooperation across schools or school boards can allow you to create economies of scale for quicker growth and recognition. In the end, your individual autonomy will be protected and enhanced through our activities together.

How can I join the GlobalEyes team?

As we expand, our team will grow. Currently, there are no positions available but be sure to check back in the future.

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