Who Are We?

As experts in K-12 international education, GlobalEyes is…

A consultant for education providers wanting to start or enrich an ISP
A facilitator for international recruitment agents to access top education providers and improve industry processes
Curator of The GlobalEyes Network – the world’s first full-service collective of K-12 education providers and affiliates
The developer of GUS – an online platform to improve cross-border connectivity and help maintain international quality standards

As a premier provider in the international K-12 sector, we deliver consulting services and training related to international student programming.

Our leadership focuses on providing tools and strategies to help ISPs start or enrich local programming, establish or expand global recruitment footprints, develop student-focused programming, and so much more. Our team consists of experienced industry specialists and our service is fully customizable for individual schools, school districts, or governments.


GlobalEyes is building the world’s first full-service collective of K-12 agents, schools, students, and affiliates.

This mandate involves bringing together quality organizations focused on improving the student experience. We provide tools, resources, and the platform (GUS) to improve cross-border connectivity and help maintain international quality standards.


Reputable international recruitment agents are welcome to inquire with GlobalEyes.

Membership to the Network is granted to select agencies that demonstrate good standing internationally and consistently meet or surpass GlobalEyes Quality Standards.


To build a network of like-minded organizations focused on improving the international student experience.


1. Facilitate the World’s first full-service collective of K-12 international education providers

2. Provide tools and strategies to schools, school districts, and government, to help start or enrich ISPs and establish or expand global recruit footprints

3. Build a group of high-performing agents from around the world as GlobalEyes partners

4. Create a Marketplace of strategic service providers to support Network members


Ben MacKeil

Director of Business Development


Lauren Vantol

Director of Operations

Our Team

The team at GlobalEyes has the expertise and experience to get your program noticed in the crowded field of international education.

Paul Millman

Chief Executive Officer

Ben MacKeil

Chief Strategy Officer

Lauren VanTol

Chief Operating Officer

Michaila Doiron

Financial Controller

Marvi Carandang

Media & Marketing Manager

Shauna MacCallum

Independent Travel Advisor

Heather van Vonderen

Travel Agent

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