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Building an international student program is possible to do on your own. Partnering with GlobalEyes saves time, money, and energy on the path to creating global awareness for your institution. We are driven by our passion for international education and experiences.

GlobalEyes offers strategic planning, training, connectivity, resources, and more – to ignite, incubate, or accelerate effective delivery of your ISP. Our service is available and delivered in several methods, including training with your key team members; webinars; systematic delivery of purpose-built manuals, handbooks, templates, and infograms; outreach to affiliates on your behalf; marketing and recruitment review; real-time support; and more.

GlobalEyes has developed customized membership options and Service Plans to support your growing or emerging ISP.

Remember some packages include travel and event registration fees, while also offering a discount on supplementary services.
All packages are offered annually, and it should be noted growth goals often require multi-year plans/agreements.

Basic Membership

  • Membership in the GlobalEyes Network and promotion therein
  • Priority access to GlobalEyes recruitment events (agent tours, overseas missions, etc.) at a 10% discount
  • Profile on GUS (GlobalEyes User System) viewable by all agents
  • Access to GUS Marketplace (GUS.m) and GUS Community (GUS.q)
  • Personalized training workshops on selected topics at a 10% discount
  • Customer support via email

Basic Plus Membership
Includes the Basic Membership, plus…

  • Access to Agent profiles on GUS to view and communicate with all Network agents worldwide
  • Access to GUS Interactive (GUS.i), which includes student application and complete student management toolkit
  • Personalized training workshops on selected topics at a 20% discount
  • Priority access to GlobalEyes recruitment events at a 20% discount

Advanced Membership
Includes the Basic Plus Membership, plus…

  • One in-person training session (2 days / up to 5 topics)
  • Additional training sessions on selected topics at a 25% discount
  • Access to complete GUS suite (GUS.X, GUS.I, GUS.M, GUS.Q)
  • Priority access to GlobalEyes recruitment events at a 25% discount
  • Enrollment fee and attendance by GlobalEyes representative at one agent fair
  • Review and input on recruitment goals and strategy
  • 9am – 4pm AST phone support

Premium Membership
Includes the Advanced Membership, plus…

  • One online training session (1 days / 3 topics)
  • Additional training sessions available ‘a la carte’ at a 40% discount
  • Priority access to GlobalEyes recruitment events at a 40% discount
  • Bespoke agent networking evening ‘for your eyes only’ (online)*
  • Review of current marketing materials and guidance on new branding package and marketing*

Benefits in all Memberships renew annually on multi-year agreements except for those denoted with an asterisk(*).

Other Products and Available Resources

  • Annual Recruitment Events: Agent Tours, Overseas Missions, Inbound Agent Tours, Fairs, etc.
  • ‘A La Carte’ Training Sessions: Available by request at any time. Includes training/delivery in person or online
  • Training Packages: Access to monthly online sessions – individually, or in discounted bundles
  • GUS Encyclopedia: Searchable repository of know-how + access to templates, manuals, infograms…
  • GUS Interactive: User profiles, online application, student information management
  • Consulting Services on request
  • In my career, I have participated in many student and agent recruitment missions around the world. GlobalEyes Mission to Europe 2022 stands out as one of the most valuable, both in terms of cost and quality of connections in market. The GlobalEyes brand in its short history so far, is highly regarded. It opened doors to developing some of the most- trusted partnerships in a short time.

    Terry Bailey Rothesay Netherwood School
  • The Europe Mission with GlobalEyes - Paul & Lauren - offered an exceptional opportunity to learn about the countries and schools we visited and equally as important, to meet and spend focused time with key agents. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. GlobalEyes staff members are planners and organizers extraordinaire! Red Deer Catholic International is very grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with the folks from GlobalEyes!

    Patricia MacRae-Pasula Red Deer Catholic International
  • You can only marvel at the strength, experience, offering and strong support of GlobalEyes unfold before you. Well-connected and knowledgeable of the industry. They are brilliant in what they do and will tee you up for success.

    Marie Reyes Sacred Heart School of Halifax, CAIS School

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