Introducing the GlobalEyes ‘Code of Conduct’

The advent of 2022 saw staff of The GlobalEyes Network reaching out to key K-12 agents for input on design of a code of conduct for the sector in Canada. After introducing The GlobalEyes Network to over 30 agents in 18 countries, we are delighted with the eagerness from agents to become members of the Network and their willingness to contribute to the process of developing this new standard for ISPs.

From these conversations, agents provided input to the GlobalEyes ‘Code of Conduct’ in three main areas: student affairs, program management, and business operations. This input resulted in a collection of industry efficiencies and best practices aimed at improving the experience for all members. The ‘Code of Conduct’ sets benchmarks for GlobalEyes ISP members, and those who meet or exceed the standards will be recognized as Gold Seal Signatories.

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