GlobalEyes at ST Alphe London Conference

GlobalEyes Launches GlobalEyes Travel

Introducing the GlobalEyes ‘Code of Conduct’

GlobalEyes Launches The Learning Loft

GlobalEyes Holds Training Sessions with NBISP

Virtual Planning Session with Independent Schools

The November 30, 2021 in-person Atlantic Canadian Independent Schools Symposium to be hosted in Halifax by EduNova, GlobalEyes, and Dalhousie University was affected by the recent uptick in [...]

GlobalEyes Presents to CAPS-I Members

Photo: GlobalEyes CEO Paul Millman prepares to present to CAPS-I members from his home office in Truro, Nova Scotia.   November 23, 2021, exactly three months from the launch of the [...]

GlobalEyes Presents at OASDI Symposium 2021

GlobalEyes User System (GUS) Launch

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